The King needs your help! Now it's time to put all that brain power to use. Three Game Modes, 12 Objects, 18 Quests and a ton of Fun!
A battle is happening between men and dragons! The king of men and the dragon king have both issued various quests, it's your job to finish them!
Game Mode
In Flipeek Medieval, you race with other players to be the first to finish a series of quests.

Classic - Call upon that powerful memory of yours in Flipeek Classic. Finish As many quest before your opponent does.

Strategic - Find and gain control of required objects to finish the quests. Don't let your opponent outsmart you, always be aware of your opponent's plan.

Solo - Push your limit and try to solve as many quest as you can in short amount of time.
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Q: Can I place a token on a card I had peeked last turn?
A: No. You can only place token on a card you just peeked this turn or cards that is already facing up.

Q: Can I put more than one tokens in a turn?
A: No. You can only place one token each turn.

Q: Can I move a token from one card to another, then put a token from my hand to a card?
A: No. That technically counts as placing 2 tokens in a turn which is forbidden.

Q: Can I put a token on a facing down card?
A: Not really. You need to peek at it first and then put a token on it. This chain action will end your turn. Remember that if a card had at least one token on it, it is placed face up.

Q: Can I still peek at a card after I place a token?
A: Yes you can, but only if you put your token on an already facing up card this turn, in other word, you may only do so if you have not peeked any card this turn.

Q: Can I put a token on a final object required for a quest and claim that quest?
A: No. Even if you had all the required object, solving a quest needs one full turn where you do nothing but solve a quest.

Q: Does that mean if someone have all the objects required for a quest he/she will surely get the quest on the next turn?
A: Not really. If someone else can solve that quest faster or solve other quest that requires the same object, any object used will be reshuffled and all the tokens on it is returned to the player.

Q: Can I solve a quest that requires object that had not been revealed yet?
A: Yes you can, but make sure that any object required by that quest is not reserved by other player. If they do, make sure you also reserve that object with your token.

Q: Can I guess to solve a quest where none of the object are revealed or reserved?
A: Yes you can, but if you failed to guess it right the first time, that quest will be reshuffled to the deck. So cross your finger in the process.

Q: Can I reserve object that is not required in any of the three available quest?
A: Yes you can. We often call this an investment. Who knows what quest will appear next? So investment could be a wise choice.

Q: Can I move my token from one card to another while I still have spare token in hand?
A: Yes you can. But why should you move if you can play tokens from your hand?

Q: Can I remove a token from an object cards instead of moving it to another card?
A: Yes you can. Just make sure this action benefit you. We don't encourage this move unless you know for sure what you are planning. Also this count as playing a token, therefore you can only peek a card in the same turn.

Q: Can I place two of my token on the same card?
A: Yes you can. But do note that this does not make your position any stronger. There are no extra effect for having more than one token you own on an object. And you still can't put two token in the same turn.

Q: How many tokens can an object have?
A: There are no limits on how many token can be placed on an object. Usually the most token placed on a card is equal to the number of person playing.

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